Making Goals, and Forcing Myself To Keep Them.

Hello, World.

I have somewhat of a short attention span at times. (Case in point: this post was started two months ago and I’m only just picking it up again now)

If I pick something up, I can get really, really passionate about doing/using/making things with whatever creative bauble has caught my eye that week. But after a little while, I find another creation bauble. And I grab for it, and focus on that one. Until the cycle repeats itself.

I’m sick of doing that. And I think I know why it keeps happening.

I tend to pick things that take a while to learn, and I never document my progress. I never talk to anyone about what I’m doing apart from my waifu. I don’t compare notes. I don’t participate in forums. I lock myself off, and I forget what progress I have made and what my plans for the next part of the process to be are.

The most I do is to talk about it on Twitter. Which is actually really helpful, because friends remember and ask about progress, and help me when I’m stuck.

But this is going to be a more detailed document about what I’m doing, planning and dreaming of than I can fit into 140 characters. Which is even better.

So, onto the main course, so to speak, of what I’m currently working on, where I’m at, and where I want to be in the future.

Currently, I’m taking a Udemy course on Game Development with Unity 3D. It’s awesome.

You can find it here:

I will point out that I got it when it first came out, which entitled me to a discount meaning I only paid about £35. So far however, with what I’m learning and how I’m learning, I’d say I’d have no problem paying the full amount. (£156)

I’ve tried to learn programming before, and it’s been nothing but an exercise in futility, due to my picky ways of choosing ‘how’ I learn.

This is different. A result of which being that this blog will also end up as a kind of evolving review of the course as I progress and learn more about Unity and C# through it.

It really has started from the bottom in terms of knowledge, which is perfect.

Concepts are explained clearly, I’m made to apply them and see the results in a practical sense, I’m actually coding and seeing what it does!

Also, I love the mini-challenges. There’s at least one per lesson where they ask you to pause the video, go take the challenge, and then come back to the video afterwards. I do every single one, as I want to learn, not merely be spoon-fed answers. I don’t get every one right every time, which is good. I find out what I did wrong, and it sticks so that I don’t do it again in the future.

So yeah, learning to make games with Unity and C# is one of my main goals.

Another is to get 100 subscribers on my YouTube channel;

(And yes that is essentially a plug) ;]

That goal has been struggling lately. I’ve stopped recording and uploading, mainly because my job is killing all desire to have anything to do with video at the moment (I’m an Event Technical Manager, who is also responsible for video and photo coverage of the events I set up for the company).

Also, due to video being a huge part of my day job, learning to make games is something different, and very, very exciting.

I feel I can do anything with gamedev, once I learn how. The only limits are my imagination, and whatever code I’m fighting into channeling that dream.

So, there you have it. These are my two main goals, and this blog is going to be dedicated to keeping them.

At the moment, my YouTube channel has 48 Subscribers, so I’m almost halfway there, almost halfway through the year. (I’m planning to go into more detail about my channel in other posts)

When it comes to Unity, I’m on Lesson 38 on my course. I’m in the middle of creating a text adventure, and I absolutely love it. Especially as I know what each bit of code I write does in the game, and why it’s so broken at this moment in time. 😀 (Undefined States)


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post, and there will be more in the future.

See you around, I hope.

Shrike, out.



  1. I read your blog post, and I encourage your efforts to continue learning to program. It sounds like you have everything your need to get where you want to be so long as you always continue to progress.

    It reminds me of this scene in the movie Desperado where Antonio Banderas’ character sees a young boy playing a guitar and sits next to him. He asks the boy if he’s trying to be a Mariachi. The boy replies, yes.

    After this, Antonio shows the boy a series of chords on the guitar and tells him to practice these chords every day and he will be a great Mariachi.

    I say this because I sincerely believe that daily practice, even without clear progress, will lead to success. If you truly wish to become Mariachi, I mean a programmer, practice every day. Saturate yourself in the knowledge and the culture of the people who program. Ask for help in forums, join the community. Be a programmer.

    We all know Yoda says, “Do or do not, there is no try.” But did you know that was a philosophy that Bruce Lee was known to say?

    He said, (paraphrase) “Once you decide to become a martial artist. That’s it. You are a martial artist. There is no trying to be, or going to be. You already are once you set your mind to it.”

    Anyway, I hope this motivates you, you have a long road ahead, but you’ll make it if you take a step every day.

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